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My Interview With Madoff

By Sital Patel, The Wall Street Journal, Dec 7, 2013                                                          (Comment: Some very interesting behavioral implications about the Madoff fraud, such as how his perceived credibility overshadowed even the doubts of sophisticated investors.)

Career Risk is One of The Biggest Enemies of Alpha

By Julie Segal, Institutional Investor, Nov 29, 2013
"Most [institutional] investors, however, fail to beat the market... because they fear putting their careers at risk if things don’t work out as they expect."
(Comment: This is a major behavioral factor in the investment world, though rarely addressed in books on the psychology of investing.)

Gratitude or Guilt? People Spend More When They 'Pay it Forward'

By Yasmin Anwar | November 26, 2013 (10:00 am)
As shoppers move into the winter-holiday season, UC Berkeley researchers look at what happens to commerce when there’s no set price tag. Consumers spend more when engaged in a "Pay-if-forward" chain of goodwill than when they can name their own price, the study finds.
(Article taken from UC Berkeley NewsCenter -

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1/13/14 -- John Thiel, the head of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, is leading the firm's charge towards goals-based financial planning. A look inside the 100-year-old firm's efforts to drastically change their client-adviser relationships.

"But even more important, the leadership team is committed to a five-year strategic plan that is shifting Merrill's primary focus to goals-based wealth management, which includes better client-adviser interactions, simpler language, investment personality assessments based on the science of behavioral finance, and the rewarding of teams that fully embrace the concept of financial planning."  Read the full story
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